We use DOODLE tool to manage our bookings, please CLICK HERE in order to schedule!

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We just launched our schedule and appointment tool for October-November, we are starting sessions group sessions at 11:00, 12:00, 17:00, 18:00 19:00 20:00, we are also open on Saturday (we have even an special 2 hours workout at 11-13) and Sundays.

Our sessions are a mixed of different modern workout methods, we often use exercises from Metabolic Conditioning, Calisthenics, Tabata, High Intensity Interval Training, Functional Training and Weight Lifting.

We offer sessions over demand, meaning, if you are a group of at least 3, we will arrange a trainer and open a session at the time that is more convenient for you!

If you want to request a session in a different time than offered, or have difficulties booking your place. Please contact us directly via facebook, via e-mail agevarnalcoach@gmail.com or call +359883767517 so we can arrange it for you.

Need help scheduling a session, please send us a message in

How can I schedule my gym session using Doodle?

You can use Doodle in 2 way:

Step by Step by Link

On web browser via link:

It is very possible to just add your name and chosen session, but we kindly advise you to login in Doodle using your Gmail account or Facebook. If you choose to not login, the procedure is just the same.

Write your name, and tick the box with desired date and time, click CONFIRM.

A confirmation Pop-up:

If you don’t login, your confirmation will look like this:

How should my successfully booked Session look like?

Returning to poll page, you can double check that your schedule is successful.