One day in the life of Rich Froning, sips on his diet, meal plan, workout routines, crossfit, family and more… Everyone wants to know… What’s Rich Doing?

Many of us, and our readers, want to know more about the life, daily routine, workout routines, meal plan, dietary supplements, and even from the family from Rich Froning.

Froning fittest man on earth, solo crossfit games champion in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014) performing live, shoulder press on the left and rope climbing on the right.

Froning fittest man on earth, solo crossfit games champion in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014) performing live, shoulder press on the left and rope climbing on the right.

So we watched again the video below, taking some notes and researching further few key aspects to share with you.

Also we added written information we found on men’s health magazine website:

Rich Froning, multiple times champion in Crossfit Games (solo = 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and team = 2015, 2016, 2018), considered the Fittest man not only in Earth but also in History (as per the documentary made available by and Netflix

Rich shared with us, a whole day recorded on his Youtube Channel in July 2017. He lives in Cookeville, Tennessee, where Crossfit Mayhem (that has become a reference of excellence in the whole world, mostly due to Rich’s achievements in the sport).

The link: by CrossFit Mayhem

Froning Short Bio and Family

Rich was born in July 21st, 1987 (so by the end of 2019, he will be 32 years old). He is married to Hillary Froning, and is father of three kids (Lakelyn, Trice and Harper). You can check more on the Froning family in both Hillary’s ( and Rich’s instagram (

Beautiful Froning family together, “Trice” – Richard Lyle Froning III, Hilary Froning, Rich Froning, Harper Violet Froning and Lakelyn Froning (from left to right).

He has worked as a Firefighter, after he dropped a career in Baseball (after scholarship in college)

Rich Froning Diet – Meal Plan

“I don’t have much of a diet. I eat a lot of peanut butter and drink a lot of whole milk. And protein shakes are my thing. At night, I will eat whatever I want, but through the day, I don’t really eat that much.” – Rich Froning

Rich does not follow strictly any diet (nor Paleo, nor Keto, nor the Zone), he drinks tons of whole milk and peanut butter, and have MANY protein shakes throughout the day, also when watching his videos online, you can also see him eating all of the common world ordinary fat carbs and sugars, like jam, bread, having standard american breakfast full of whole eggs and bacon…

Reading further on Rich’s sort of careless diet, you can even find some “bacon explosion” recipe with Project Mayhem; ingredientes being woven bacon layers, sausage, and BBQ sauce.

In MH’s article, his meals are:

BREAKFAST: 2 eggs over easy, 1 piece of toast with peanut butter and jelly, 1 big glass of milk, 34g Protein, 36g Fat, 53g Carbs

RECOVERY SNACK #1, #2 and #3 (after each WOD): 16 oz. Chocolate whole Milk, 16g Protein, 5g Fat, 52g Carbs

DINNER: Chicken Fajitas

  • 33g Protein
  • 16g Fat
  • 39g Carbs

Rich eats Trifecta

As per Trifecta’s website, Rich Froning makes 4 meals a day as per below (breakfast, lunch, dinner #1 and dinner #2):

Trifecta Rich Froning meal plan, What is Rich Froning eating?
Trifecta Rich Froning meal plan, What is Rich Froning eating?

Trifecta is a US based food delivery service that offer PALEO Diet menu, between other amazing options like KETO, CLEAN, VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, A LA CARTE (that can also fit or be correlated into the Zone Diet, that we support as per our other blog posts) – Rich Froning diet by Trifecta

  • 30 g of lean protein = 4.3 blocks
  • 75 g of high glycemic carbs = 2 blocks of (rice) carbs
  • 90 g of healthy carbs => here really depends on the carbs of choice, but it could be 2-3 blocks of carbs.
  • 15 g fat = 10 blocks

Rich Froning Supplements:

We humbly make one advice here, that more important that overloading on supplement, is to actually take care of your diet, and just take Omega-3 (as per the official advice from the Zone diet), and if you feel you need some extra strength for your training, try combining some protein, electrolytes, and aminoacids (like BCCA and L-Arginine).

One of the main questions we get about Rich’s behaviour is – which supplements does Rich Froning take.

Besides couple of videos, one in which we can see the full information on his supplements:

Morning Supplements: 1 scoop of AdvoCare Arginine Extreme, 1 scoop of Mass Impact and two scoops of AdvoCare rehydrate and half a scoop or a full scoop of Spark (Mostly electrolytes, energy, hydration and amino-acids related)

Post workouts Supplements: 2 scoops of AdvoCare Muscle Gain with whole milk or, 1 scoop of Muscle gain and 1 scoop of  AdvoCare post workout recovery in a shake with full fat milk. These are, High Protein low carb and Higher carbs with glucose. So you can adjust the Protein – Carbs relation as needed wanted.

Afternoon Supplements: V16 Vitamin packet

Night Supplements: AdvoCare NightTime Recovery

Competition Days: AdvoCare Muscle Fuel

Long Cardio: AdvoCare O2 Gold

4 Workouts per day at least, Rich Froning’s Workouts of the Day – WODs

In the video, Rich works out 4x, here are the WODs shown on the video with the time of execution.

Rich Froning Swimming WOD (twice a week):

  • Warm up 10x50m
  • Workout 4x250m
  • Post workout 2 rounds
  • 100 kick
  • 6×25 swim (no break)

Crossfit Mayhem Workout of the day, Rich’s afternoon WOD:

  • 5 rounds
  • 30 GHB (glute ham developer)
  • 50 double unders
  • 100 foot (30m) handstand walk

Afternoon (14:30) Rich Froning’s Mountain Bike WOD #2

  • 30 miles  (around 50 km) – approx 2 hours

Evening WOD:

  • 8×4 Snatch (225 lbs); Every 2 minutes,
  • 7×5 Power Clean (275 lbs); Every 1:45

In Men’s Health article, his WODs are such as:


  • 2 Minutes On / 1 Minute Off Per Machine
  • Cardio Row
  • Bike Erg
  • Ski Erg
  • 4 Rounds Total


After the “warmup,” Rich grabs a resistance band and a few plates and brings them into a corner. For the next 30-or-so minutes, he proceeds to do mobility exercises—including BOSU eccentric lunges, banded single-leg swings, and single-leg deadlifts



  • 1 Minute on Any Cardio Machine
  • 10 Single-Arm Standing Shoulder Press
  • 10 Suitcase Deadlifts
  • 1 Minute Plank
  • 3 Rounds Total


  • 50 Muscle-Ups / Handstand Hold
  • 50 Bench Press / D-Ball Hold
  • 50 D-Ball Throw / Dead Hang


45 Minutes of Intervals on Assualt AirRunner

Recovery, Physical Therapy, Massages, etc.

In this specific video, it does not show any recovery related topic, but of course, as an elite athlete and as per many other videos and links shared in magazines, every athlete MUST take some time to recover from training sessions and constantly go for physiotherapy sessions and healing or relaxing massages, in order to perform better.

Best quotes from Rich Froning video:

“We swim, we fitness-ed, we rode bikes” – Rich telling Hillary (his wife) how day went…

“Josh (Bridges) is gonna spank you if you don’t come here, if he won’t daddy will” – Hillary threatning in a nice way though, because Lakelyn doesn’t want to put clothes on and it is cold

A brief summary of the video:

At 8 o clock, at the Froning residence, everyone is already fully awake.

Rich stars the day having breakfast and playing a bit with kids.

He eats scrambled eggs, toast with jam, glass of milk.

He also takes a supplement he calls it super greens, that we explain a bit above

Of course Froning is shirtless during the whole duration of video.

He leaves house 9:15, and goes to a swim session (WOD described above)

He goes to Crossfit Mayhem and do his afternoon WOD, shirtless.

Then he goes home, and do a mountain bike WOD with his top elite crossfit athletes.

At 20:30 he performs his evening WOD.

Some extra notes on the Family: 2 adopted kids (later upgraded for 3 adopted kids)

Hillary Froning = Rich’s wife, also known as Rich’s better half

Lakelyn Froning = Rich and Hillary’s daughter (the oldest = around 3 years old, when recorded)

Trice Froning = Rich and Hillary’s son (baby, when recorded)

Janice Froning = Rich’s Mom

Rich Froning Sr. = Rich’s Dad

A little extra attention on Rich? What’s Rich Doing?

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Rich Froning article, sparta fit bulgaria, fitness blog, rounds, wod, crossfit, milk, supplements, workout, blocks, carbs, etc
Rich Froning article, sparta fit bulgaria, fitness blog, rounds, wod, crossfit, milk, supplements, workout, blocks, carbs, etc
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    Edwin Bernard

    Rich is quite a phenomenon. I was against to read what his diet was. The things he eats would give health conscious people a coronary! Maybe he can get away with so much protein and fat because of his heavy exercise routine. If someone else eats his type of diet without exercise that could be disastrous. 

    I love whole milk, peanut butter, bacon, veggies. I eat them in moderation. Nice to know that the fittest person in the world approves it! 

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. Food for thought indeed! 



      Yes , Edwin, Yes he is, he is a megalo_maniac in the sports and fitness.

      Because of him, the title of fittest on earth had to be re-designed, to push further limits…

      Actually he doesn’t eat or advise unhealthy habits, but he does not follow the ordinary diets and rules… coz of course also, he is not the ordinary person!

      But he ENJOYS it, and we guess thats the counseling we tried to give through the post!

      Enjoy your food, enjoy your life, try to be better…

      Of course, due to his super intense rhythm, he can give himself more permissions and go crazy with bacon, milk, butter, peanut butter… 

      BUT, we should ALL allow ourselves, responsibly! 

      Enjoy your meals, and follow (some of) the fitness celebrities, some of them rock, and we can learn a lot from them!!


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