Fruits, are they bad for us?

The fruits are the most valuable and important for our health and our body.
The thing that we need to be careful is that pure fruits give us a lot of micronutrients, minerals, vitamins and various valuable phytochemicals that cost us a lot of calories instead of fibrous vegetables that cost much less calories.
That means that we need to take care of these calories when we want to lose weight / Fat but NOT avoid them.
However, when we want to keep our body weight and we make hard workouts like Crossfit, HIIT intervals that include also in Crossfit method, weightlifting and gymnastics at least 4-5 times a week we need the fruits and we need them in a daily base also to cover our energy needs.
Also, pure fruits are good and make us to avoid other sweets that are bad for our health and our body weight.
So is very pointless to avoid something so valuable from our diet because it is high in calories.

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