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Becoming an official CrossFit coach… Courses, Materials to study, level 1, certificates, pricing… and other specialties available!

Crossfit has become the most trendy, successful, admired, fitness methodology and sport. The innovative fitness regimen developed by Greg Glassman (that has been founder and CEO) combines all the best of functional movements in gymnastics, weightlifting and many techniques into high intensity workouts. Many people interested in Crossfit ask these questions: Why is Crossfit so […]

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Sparta Fit Bulgaria goes to Varna Throwdown 2019! We manage to register 6 of our spartan family, and we are so excited!

Varna Throwdown is an international fitness competition that takes place by the Black Sea in Bulgaria! The competition happens on the 1st and 2nd of June (yes, it is only 2 days). You can check announcements and pictures from previous events in their official instagram acocunt: Varna Throwdown @varnathrowdown Instagram Profile Take a look on […]

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One day in the life of Rich Froning, sips on his diet, meal plan, workout routines, crossfit, family and more… Everyone wants to know… What’s Rich Doing?

Many of us, and our readers, want to know more about the life, daily routine, workout routines, meal plan, dietary supplements, and even from the family from Rich Froning. So we watched again the video below, taking some notes and researching further few key aspects to share with you. Also we added written information we […]

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