Sparta Fit Bulgaria is a gym club / fitness center downtown Sofia, located a few meters from the Serdika and Opalchenska metro station.

We devote our time and attention to quality, focusing on each individual and every detail.

At all times, we execute state-of-the-art, tailored workouts in small groups, bringing together the best (inspiration) from Metabolic Conditioning, Strongest Man, Bodybuilding, Calisthenics, Tabata, High-intensity interval training (HIIT), Power-lifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Strength Athletics, Yoga, Pilates, Functional training, Stretching, Bulgarian bags, and even Street Athletics.

We get inspired and do our best to promote motivation, in a healthy environment.

Based on the belief that people are awesome, and that we are best together, we do full-body workout programs aimed at achieving fat burning, improved performance and overall physical conditioning.

In our workouts, there is no such thing as routine, as we use different combinations of various techniques and modalities with the goal to have fun, enjoy every second of the workout, thus increasing motivation and extracting energy from the exercises.

Complementing the physical training, we offer seminars about Zone Diet, a high perfomance oriented low-carb meal planning.

What to expect?

  • Huge improvement and practice of pull-ups, push-ups, jack jumps, skibock, sit-ups, which will help not only your physical condition but also coordination.
  • Functional training movements – dumbbells, medicine balls, Bulgarian bags, barbells, sandbags, kettlebells and all movements derived from the use of these weights.
  • Calisthenics classic movements, such as diverse plank variations, handstand, lunges, crunches, which will help you improve equilibrium, coordination and strength. Calisthenic exercises are just great way to improve overall athletic level and performance for its unique approach.
  • Cardio workouts – burpees (or squat thrust), sprints, rowing, cycling, spinning, rope climbing, jump rope (with double under specials).
  • Diverse squats and its variations (always executed properly, making sure that no will injury will happen) with good technique and theory of exercise.
  • Olympic weightlifting + Metabolic Conditioning – overhead squats, thrusters, deadlift, power clean, hang clean, clean and jerk and other olympic lifts and their variations.
  • Stretching – Yoga, Pilates, and physiotherapy – recommended positions with focus on the muscle and body part being worked.
  • Olympic Gymnastic – muscle ups, dips, rings, bar swings and some other free weight derived.
  • Nutrition consulting – meals plan for the Zone Diet.
  • Improved emotional balance, stress relief, self-development. And YES, we totally believe and receive as feedback from our clients that exercise also improves the working of our brains.

Our training methods are modern and ideal for both muscle build and weight loss. As it says in our moto – we offer cutting edge workouts, but we have also experience in the classical conditioning, so we can help you building a you own customized workout plan.

We also offer private sessions with a Personal Trainer!

Let us help you improve yourself!

If you are ready to change and start a stronger and healthier lifestyle.

Drop us a line and become part of our family! Our mission is to become better, faster, wiser and bigger. We aim to be the best gym club not only in Bulgaria, but in Europe.

Also, we accept both sports cards available in Bulgaria – ANDJOY and Multisports! If you have one of them, come to us and you will train for free.

Don’t forget to check our fitness blog, fore much more content on wellness, health and fitness!